Virtual classes schedule – Starting September 8th, 2020

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On March 16th, we have successfully developed our new virtual platform for the Flying Kick community and have been teaching TaeKwonDo Classes to children, adolescences, adults and their families, seven days a week. These virtual classes have been going on during the summer as well. Due to our virtual enrollment and teaching methods of our Taekwondo program, We have successfully promoted six children to the Black Belt level, which is unheard of and now we are coming up to two adults that will be taking the Black Belt exams, 1st and 2nd Black Belt in early September! Others have advanced in rank as well, in all levels, and in the in-class virtual classes.
Our virtual classes are a great way that children, adolescences, adults and families can learn TaeKwonDo in a fun, and Safe routine which helps all during this epidemic time. TaeKwonDo has been known to improve a student ability in many ways, both physical and mentally, especially executives functions for children.

If you are interested in our virtual TaeKwonDo lesson, please contact our office to take your virtual trial lesson to get started, our email is:

To get started:

Please download the Zoom app from your mobile devices (or install it on a browser for a laptop):

Android devices (Android phones / tablets): Download on Android devices

Apple (iphone, ipad) devices: Download on Apple devices

We sent links and access information for each class via email. Look for the appropriate class schedule, when ready to start class, just click on the zoom link. Wear your uniform! Get ready.