After-School Programs At School

Flying Kick has worked hard with many schools in the local area for over 24 years to provide  TaeKwonDo instruction as an after school tkd_6563-editprogram on site at each school.  We offer classes on site for all ranks. These classes are taught by the same instructors that teach at Flying Kick Fitness Center in Bethesda.

For any questions or to sign up please contact us at 301-951-0543 or email us.

Currently we are offering classes at these locations:newsony 357

  • Georgetown Day School
  • Concord Hill School
  • St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School
  • Lowell School
  • Chevy Chase Elementary
  • Westbrook Elementary
  • Somerset Elementary
  • Little Folks School
  • Beauvoir School
  • Lafayette Elementary
  • School Without Walls
  • Coming in Fall 2017: Bethesda Elementary

If you would like to see our program at your school in the future please contact us.