Children’s Program31

FLYING KICK FITNESS CENTER is dedicated to the development and education of the whole student through training in Tae Kwon Do.  Emphasis is placed upon improving the potential of each student.  FLYING KICK is unique due to the special training techniques developed by Master Al-Atrash.  The Children’s Program seeks to teach courtesy, self-control, and self-esteem.  It also emphasizes the philosophy of Tae Kwon Do as a defensive art.

IMG_1384.JPGClass Descriptions

Ninjas (3 Year-olds) The focus of  this program is to introduce kids to Tae Kwon Don in a fun and enjoyable way.  The emphasis is on following directions and the development of trust between instructor and student.


Children’s Classes (5 and Up) Classes are divided based on rank and ability beginning at the white belt level.  Students go through traditional Tae Kwon Do training belt ranking and must pass an exam to progress.  We work with each student to ensure he or she knows the curriculum and is positioned for success.  Our belt progression is: IMG_1382.JPG

Attachment-1 (10)White Belt — Beginner

Yellow Belt — Advanced Beginner

Green Belt — Intermediate

Blue Belt — Advanced Intermediate

Red Belt — Advanced

Black Belt

A Recognized Curriculum

Our curriculum and our positive, professional mode of instruction is recognized by leading  Washington, DC area private schools and by Montgomery County schools where we offer after school programs.  To find out more about our after-school  programs and where they are offered check out our other after-school programs.table