IMG_1411Flying Kick offers birthday party. It is a unique way to celebrate a child’s birthday. We offer 2 different options to pick from.

Option 1 –at studio

30 minutes – set-up/clean up

1 hour- fun entertaining Tae Kwon Do class

45 minutes of birth celebration

Tae Kwon Do lesson consists of games and activities that are very enjoyable for the whole group

Clean up and set up will be the responsibility of the birthday party


Option 2

Location – home, rec center or any appropriate location

1 hour Tae Kwon Do class – similar to option 1

Rest of time is spent on what the birthday party wants to do


Flying Kick Instructor(s) will be responsible for Tae Kwon Do class and safety and well- being of everyone involved in Tae Kwon Do part. The birthday group is responsible for other parts of the party – supplying anything to do with celebration, cake and utensils.