master a

Master Khaldoun Al-Atrash (Master Senior Instructor)

Also known as Master A, Master Al-Atrash is a 7th degree black belt who has been practicing Tae Kwon Do for over 36 years. He competed for 9 years and has won numerous grand championships in both olympic style and American style sparring. Read the full bio here.





Master Shane Fletcher (Senior Instructor)

A 3rd degree black belt, Mr. Fletcher has over 24 years of teaching experience.  He has competed and won at regional tournaments and has competed at the national level. He is known for his hands on ability with kids and a fun and gentle yet strict teaching manner.  He adds a huge dose of fun to every class.  He also teaches programs at the Lowell School, Chevy Chase Elementary, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School, and Somerset Elementary.





Master Yassine Agoud (Instructor)

Mr. Yassine is a 3rd degree black belt with over 24 years of TaeKwonDo experience.  He is a world class competitor and in international competition has earned one gold medal, four silver medals, and one bronze medal.  He has been teaching for over 12 years. His teaching style is remarkable for his patience and understanding of how to challenge each individual student at his or her own level.  He brings to Flying Kick his unique ability to convey a deeper understanding of the tactics and strategy of TaeKwonDo for students at all levels.  His hobbies include soccer, swimming, and drawing.






Mr. Paul Krogh (Instructor)

A 3rd degree black belt, Mr. Krogh has over 18 years of Tae Kwon Do experience.  His dedication and level of participation inspire students to challenge themselves and to excel.  He is a senior National Sparring Champion.






Ms. Jennifer Brennan (Instructor)

A 3rd degree black belt with over 18 years of experience, Ms. Brennan is a former professional ballerina.  She teaches the Ninjas and Little Dragons, as well as some child and adult classes.  She is known for her outstanding technical ability and her gentle and playful approach with young children.